Health Tourism and the NHS

In November 2013 I first wrote about Health Tourism and the NHS. I quoted the guidance offered by NHS Choices website at the time. The wording of that guidance has changed and so, with the topic now being on the agenda again, thought it important to bring the post up to date and also toContinue reading “Health Tourism and the NHS”

Whilst I have highlighted problems in Primary Care in England…

Whilst I have highlighted problems in Primary Care and General Practice in England let us not forget how lucky we are to live in a liberal western democracy. Read this response to a comment on the Research Nurses’ Network website, part of the Global Health Network. Click to access Elie.pdf    

80% of GP practices have one or more GPs suffering from Burnout

Are you in despair for your future in General Practice – Final Report In 2013, my practice advertised in the British Medical Journal, on two occasions, for a salaried GP with a view to partnership. This recruitment process resulted in only one credible candidate. At the time my surgery constructed an unconvincing narrative to explain ourContinue reading “80% of GP practices have one or more GPs suffering from Burnout”

NHS finances in urgent need of accurate controls

NHS finances in urgent need of accurate controls How many of us would pay a restaurant bill or a hotel bill without checking with being charged for what we had actually used? I would hazard a guess not many, particularly in these financially straitened times. This is, however, what is happening in most Clinical CommissioningContinue reading “NHS finances in urgent need of accurate controls”

GPs acknowledge problems facing NHS

Five GPs were asked: 1. Are you aware of the problems facing the NHS? 2. Do you think that the NHS is under an existential threat? 3. In recognising these threats, what are you doing differently when the consulting room door closes? Depending on the speed of your internet connection, the video may take upContinue reading “GPs acknowledge problems facing NHS”

Health Tourism in the NHS

Health Tourism in the NHS Earlier this year the Department of Health issued a guideline that GPs should provide free healthcare to any overseas visitor requesting treatment. The guidance GPs have received was displayed on the NHS Choices Website.  It read as follows: GP services If you need to see a doctor during your stay inContinue reading “Health Tourism in the NHS”

The Existential Threat to the National Health Service.I

The Existential Threat to the National Health Service. I am not given to hyperbole but I honestly believe the NHS is facing an NHS Existential Threat. By this I mean that it is possible that, within four years, the NHS as we know it will have ceased to exist. When I say as we knowContinue reading “The Existential Threat to the National Health Service.I”